About Us

On April 11, 2011, one of the hottest days in Thailand, the inspiration to have "beeloved" emerged. We were thirsty but we could not find anything we wanted to drink. Our "beeloved" journey was started! Our concept was easy but difficult to achieve: must be natural, simple, delicious, not adding any synthetic substances in the bottle.

Our choice was “Honey” that sweet but better than any sugar. So, all concepts were put together and what we found was the one and only "beeloved" to become the new choice for you. We want to pass all the convenient, taste, and quality to you as our gifts from natural "beeloved" -Honey Natural Energy Drink

Two years research with researchers from Kasetsart University in order to keep our secret formula. Without any preservatives, additives colors or flavors. “beeloved” Honey Drink can be kept 1 year shelf life and it still kept refreshing of honey and fruits in the bottle. "beeloved" is now ready for you to drink and we wish you will love it too.



To be a leading, manufacturing and distributing high quality beverages that provide 100% satisfaction, happiness, and healthy to all customers.


“To promote Honey Ready to Drink beverage as the best natural energy source from natural choices.”

beeloved's logo

“Beloved beeloved” Drinking Refreshing Delicious from Natural!

“Honey is truly gift from natural” –sweetness from flowers which are full of values and benefits were gathered by bees to produce honey.

A bee is a symbol of nature which represents the enthusiastic, honest, and happiness of "beeloved".

beeloved logo’s represents “Honey” as the heart of sweetness from natural. We would like to show our gratefulness that natural giving us value ingredient which is beginning of our honey beverage.

We hope to deliver beeloved honey drink - value gift from natural to customers worldwide.

Head Office & Factory

Plentybucks Co.,Ltd.
899/65 Moo 21 Soi Jongsiriparkland, Klongarsei Rd,
Bangplee Yai, Bangplee, Samut Prakan 10540 Thailand

+66 99 115 1563
Plentybucks Co.,Ltd. : manufacturer and distributor of beeloved Honey Drink
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